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About Us- Clinic Pro Software

Clinic Pro Software is headquartered in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. As a practice management software company, we pride ourselves in offering exceptional support, both in terms of timely upgrades and enhancements and in being available via phone and email to our clients.

Because we specialize in electronic claim filing, we partner with various clearinghouses to achieve the best possible electronic claim submission opportunities for our clients.

To assist our clients in achieving maximum reimbursement and minimizing insurance rejections, we have a built-in claim scrubber that catches possible claim errors prior to the claim getting submitted to the insurance carrier.

Abinsurance companies, Medicare, HCFA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, 837 claims,out the design of Clinic Pro Medical Software

Clinic Pro was designed by Marilyn K. Gard, M.B.A.., President of ClinicPro Software Inc. Through her company, Marilyn has been a consultant with the medical and chiropractic profession for twenty years and has been featured as a speaker at numerous state and local conventions. She has taught office management and insurance reporting to thousands of assistants and doctors.

Because of her daily contact with the intricacies of insurance reporting, Marilyn built extensive documentation capabilities into the software design. With a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University, Marilyn combined sound business practices with practical knowledge of office management.

Clinic Pro was first released in July, 1994 as a DOS product.  It was updated to 16-bit Windows in 1997 and rewritten in 32-bit Visual FoxPro in 2000.  In January 2007, a touchscreen EMR product was released with a backend SQL database.  While the EMR is not a Medicare-certified product, it is used by many offices that specialize in personal injury practices.