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ClinicPro Software proudly includes information that can be used for any chiropractic office including disability Index, guidelines for Medicare processing, common ICD 10 codes and any documentation that helps chiropractic offices function more efficiently and productively.  Please feel free to browse our website for all of the chiropractic tips that we have included. We are not just a software company, we are an informational tool that you can use for your office.

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Oswerty Low Back Disability Form
The Oswerty Low Back Disability Index is the standard for measuring disability as a result of low back pain and dysfunction. A copy of the form is available for download.


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Common ICD 10 Chiropractic Codes
This list of common ICD 10 chiropractic codes is not an exhaustive list but will definitely give you the common codes that most chiropractic offices will use.

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Medicare Guidelines for Chiropractic
This PDF was presented by Marilyn K Gard, CEO, as a webinar for billing Medicare chiropractic guidelines. It includes information about primary diagnoses as subluxations and neuromuscular skeletal diagnoses as secondary diagnosis codes.


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837 Loops and Segments
With this PDF, your office can look up loops and segments for an 837 electronic claim.  With this information, you can troubleshoot 277 and 999 rejections and send corrected

claims. Under the billing section of this website, we have additional information about troubleshooting rejections and the typical 837 errors.

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Chiropractic Order Form
To order ClinicPro for chiropractic, you can either print and fax the order form attached or you can go to our purchase page under products and purchase online. We look forward to having you as part of the ClinicPro family.